Oberkampf Required

Function Instructions

When using your inserting/pasting the functions into your pages you must fill these requirements

Place the oberkampf file at the top of the page.

In order for your scripts to work, you must place the required include code at the top of your page before ANY html code. Do not leave any whitespace available before this include.

<? require_once("oberkampf.php"); ?>

Placing call functions under the required include.
At the moment there are only two call functions that exist. One for thumbnails and one for search.
These are required in order to display your data using their brother display functions.

They will simply look like....




Other infomation !!

*When using the displayAlbum(); functions. It will ONLY work when you include this
<script language="Javascript" src="oberkampf.js"></script>

You can download the oberkampf.js javascript here

About Oberkampf Image Sizing

Oberkampf uses similar sizing compared to the flickr sizing that is used for a photo url however Oberkampf has (s,t,m,n);
Oberkampf's "n" is the same as flickr's "-" non-existent letter which returns a medium/normal size photo.
You may still use "b" and "o"if they exist, it just won't be common to use those unless your're linking to hi-res.
If you are not sure about how to use the sizing, please read the flickr photo url doc

small square 75x75
thumbnail, 100 on longest side
small, 240 on longest side
medium, 500 on longest side