Oberkampf Download

Oberkampf Beta  
Version π (3.1416)

PHP 4.2 +
flickr.com account


Step 1.
Downloading Oberkampf is more like configuring your own file. It will download after you have set it up.

Create Your Oberkampf

Step 2.
Make sure you know you how to use it and make sure you know that oberkampf MUST be compliant with flickr's TOS
There are certain ways to use the functions and there are a few required things you need to do when using oberkampf in your pages. You should read the function instructions before building your custom galleries/scripts.

Step 3.
Create a folder in the same place as your oberkampf.php.
This folder MUST be called "cache_oberkampf"
This folder MUST be chmod to 777
(any ftp program should be able to chmod/set permissions on folders)

Step 4.
Email me to let me know you are using it. (optional obviously!)
But...I do like to know who is using it, if you enjoy it, what problems you run into


If you are simply looking for a download of the current oberkampf beta file you can download it here, BUT
I highly recommend that you use the create your oberkampf page so that your username and such is entered correctly.
However, if you know how to edit php and just want the source file so you can edit fast on the fly,then Go for it.
The zip also contains some examples from this site.