Oberkampf Faq.

NOTE: This faq area will grow once I start talking to the beta users and once I play with it more myself. Patience.

Basic Help/Faqs

*Does my version of oberkampf have to be compliant with flickr?
Yes. It must remain compliant with flickr's terms.
If you hack it for non-compliance, then you risk me gettin my api key for oberkampf shut down.
We all want to keep flickr happy.
Oberkampf was orginally built as a way to have a secret flickr gallery that ran off their photos, however they have asked me to keep it compliant. Period.

*Sometimes I visit my "pages" and it takes FOREVER to load.
That's not a question. i won't respond to this. Just kidding, this most likely means flickr is having a server hiccup. Or something of that nature. Session caching helps speed up alot, but the fact is oberkampf still has to talk to flickr to get your photos.
I can't explain it .. .it just happens. Live with it.

Will you be offering more features such as groups, contacts, etc..?
Probably not. This was created so that my friends and I could have a easy way to build custom photo galleries and feeds
from our flickr.com accounts. Simple is key.

Why is your oberkampf "site" copying flickr's design.
Because ripping designs is the new original. No, actually I'm trying to keep it consistent with they way you navigate and data, especially the flickr api area.

What's the theme song to setting up oberkampf
Quite possibly Daft Punk's Robot Rock.

Technical Stuff

I'm having problems with it in PHP 5...
Well I'm such a weakling at php, I have encountered a few "Notices" myself when using it on php 5. I simply turned them off for now.
Yes I'm a web hack. Someone can help me teach me why there is that bug.. anyone?

*Do I have to use the local caching and why?
Yes. Yes. and Yes. I don't care if it saves hundreds of files into the cache folder.
In the future I might offer an option cron script that clears the cache folder. Until then.. live with it.
This helps speed up oberkampf so much and flickr has asked us to make sure we use caching.
I want oberkampf to be something we can use on large sites such as a band's photo gallery.
The less we have to talk to flickr, the faster the user can view photos, and the more flickr is happy.