Oberkampf Documentation


Calls flickr to request images based on the search you pass it.


Oberkampf Tip - Use this function to get all the photos from your account, and also play with the limit and random setting.

-This function must be used with displaySearch();
-This function must be placed at the top of your file directly under require_once("oberkampf/required.php");



Defaults to "s"
Similar to the flickr sizing. that is used for a photo url however Oberkampf has (s,t,m,n);
You can read more about the Oberkampf sizing here.
stop (Optional)
Passing a "1" for stop will make sure NO photos load on your search page. By default flickr gets all the photos in your
photostream if you don't pass it search criteria.
If stop is set to 1, then in order to display your search a GET or POST must be made for either "tags" or "text'
limit (Optional)
Limits the number of results per page. Defaults to 100.
random (Optional)
Shuffles the results. Defaults to 0. Simply make random "1" to turn it on.
sort (Optional)
Orders the results the same way flickr orders theirs. Defaults to 'date-posted-desc'
Possible values are [ date-posted-asc, date-posted-desc, date-taken-asc and date-taken-desc]


callSearch listens for a GET/POST for the values : tags & text

Use html forms and have input values as tags or text
Pass a string value as myfile.php?tags=yourtags

Example Calls:

Retrieves search data, defaulting to size 's', displaying automatically, limiting 100 per page, sorting by date-posted-desc
Retrieves thumbnail data, passes sizing of "s" , only displaying after an html POST has been made, and limits thumbnails to
10 per page
Retrieves thumbnail data, passes sizing of "s" , displaying automatically, sets limit to 60 per page, and shuffles them.
Retrieves search data, defaulting to size 't', only displaying after an html POST has been made, 0 is same as default limit (100)
no random shuffle, and ordering by date taken descending.



Required Template Tags

!! These tags are inside the oberkampf.php file ... When you create your oberkampf file they are automatically setup
Do not edit them unless you really know what the heck your doing!!

Contains your html code and replacement tags that are used to display each photo result from your search.
This template tag is for what one single image will look like. IE: It's class, height, width, etc..
Note: This is strictly for displaying your search criteria.