Oberkampf Documentation


Calls flickr to retrieve thumbnail list when a set is called via yourfile.php?set=3423

-This function must be used with displayThumbnails();
-This function must be placed at the top of your file directly under require_once("oberkampf/required.php");



size (Optional)
Defaults to "s"
Similar to the flickr sizing. that is used for a photo url however Oberkampf has (s,t,m,n);
You can read more about the Oberkampf sizing here.
limit (Optional)
The limit for how many thumbnails within album display on each page. Defaults to the total of thumbs within a set.
Default can also be accessed by passing "0".
random (Optional)
If you want the thumbnails displayed at random/shuffle. Simply place a "1". Random defaults to 0.


Example Calls:

Retrieves thumbnail data for a given photoset.
Retrieves thumbnail data, passes sizing of "s" , and limits thumbnails to 10 per page
Retrieves thumbnail data, passes sizing of "s" , sets no limit , and shuffles thumbs.
Retrieves thumbnail data, passes sizing of "t"



Required Template Tags

!! These tags are inside the oberkampf.php file ... When you create your oberkampf file they are automatically setup
Do not edit them unless you really know what the heck your doing!!

Contains your html code and replacement tags that are used to display each thumbnail
This template tag is for what one single thumbnail will look like. IE: It's class, height, width, etc..
Note: This is strictly for your thumbnails within photosets.