Oberkampf Documentation


Gets a list of albums (photosets) for a user



format (Optional)
Either "select" or "list". Defaults to select.
• The select feature requires a javascript to refresh the page url with ?set=..
Oberkampf folder contains the javascript. simple paste this in your pages.
<script language="Javascript" src="oberkampf/global.js"></script>
size (Optional)
Defaults to "s"
Similar to the flickr sizing. that is used for a photo url however Oberkampf has (s,t,m,n);
You can read more about the Oberkampf sizing here.

Example Calls:

Displays Photosets in a list form and passes a image sizing of "m"
Displays Photosets in a jump menu and passes a image sizing of "m"
Displays Photosets in a list form and passes a image sizing of "t"

Required Template Tags

!! These tags are inside the oberkampf.php file ... When you create your oberkampf file they are automatically setup
Do not edit them unless you really know what the heck your doing!!

Only one of these template tags will be used depending on which format you pass the displayAlbums(); function

Contains all the html code EXCEPT the closing </select>. Oberkampf will automatically throw that in after your albums are inserted into the menu. There is also a required javascript entered on the onChange attribute of the jump menu. This javascript is required in order for the jump menu to work correctly.
Contains your html code and replacement tags that are used to display each photo set in a list form from top to bottom.
Certain tags will display data such as title, description, and the photosets primary image.