Oberkampf Documentation


Displays your photo/s based on you passing it an id based on your set thumbnail list.



size (Optional)
Defaults to "n"
Similar to the flickr sizing. that is used for a photo url however Oberkampf has (s,t,m,n);
You can read more about the Oberkampf sizing here.

Example Calls:

Display's your photo/s in medium size.
Display's your photo/s in small square thumbnail size.

Required Template Tags

!! These tags are inside the oberkampf.php file ... When you create your oberkampf file they are automatically setup
Do not edit them unless you really know what the heck your doing!!

Contains your html code and replacement tags that are used to display 1 single photo at time when viewing a photo within a photoset.

This template tag is for what will display around the photo, or data that can be used to link to another photo.
IE: It's ... Next Photo link, Photo Title, Photo Description, Date Taken, Photo ID, PhotoSet ID, class, width, height, etc..
Note: This is strictly for displaying your photo criteria within a photoset. Does NOT apply to search or other areas..