Oberkampf Changelog

May 3, 2005

Fixed bug that wasn't displaying tags for displayTags();
•  Added support for display of private photos (means you can show private photos on your site and hide them on your flickr!)
•  Added {TOTAL} replace tag for photosets/album display. Shows total photos for that set.
Added {RAW_URL} . Basically same as old {PHOTO_URL}. Added for extended support. But you still need to be compliant.
Added Display Default set $config['default-set'] variable that can be edited in the oberkampf php for advanced.

April 28, 2005

Oberkampf is now compliant with flickr's terms of aggreement.

- Added data caching for all functions (required). You will need too to read the new download instructions.
- Took out "text" searching for search functions. Can only use tags now. (This is a safety feature so if this was ever to be used on a big site.. flickr won't get mad from too many search hits.(since it's harder to cache a real search vs tag)
- Removed {PHOTO_URL} from the system to make oberkampf compliant.
- Updated {IMAGE} tag to be compliant. It now will automatically create a link to your flickr photo page....Sorry it's required.
In the template you still use <img src={IMAGE} etc..>
- Added support for a direct flickr link {FLICKR}, and {USERNAME} to use if you need it...
...You will need to rescan the confighelp.php creator to see what the new tags specifically do

April 26, 2005

Oberkampf beta has changed. It was consolidated into a one-file include system.

April 25, 2005

Oberkampf beta released.