Oberkampf Overview

Let's Start.

Do I need to know php?
Well, not technically, BUT it helps.
In all reality it is just you copying and pasting functions if you are customizing a gallery/page.
If you are just using the default gallery you should just be able to upload it into a folder and that's it.

What does it do, or how can I use it?

• Oberkampf is basically just a library of functions that will display data based on your template tags you setup.

• You can paste functions into your php files and giving them optional parameters such as image size, or result limits

• You can use oberkampf to run a big custom gallery that displays all your photosets/albums and their thumbnails, or you can create one page that lists the top 20 flickr photos in your photo stream.
There are many creative ways you can use each oberkampf function to do what you wish.

Have multiple pages of photos with next back results , limit results per page, control image sizing, shuffle your images, link to
hi-res or original files. Each function has different parameters that can control your options.

Customize your template tags, such as assigning custom css classes to thumbails/photos. Your oberkampf.php file will automatically download after you customize your templates.

I want to try it...

Then come read the instructions and download it.