Why flickr and why use oberkampf? 

Flickr states themselves that they are "Quite possibly the world's best photo sharing app", and I don't doubt it.

What makes flickr hot

  • Flickr gives you unlimited bandwidth
  • You can upload multiple photos with iPhoto or other Mac / PC apps
  • Flickr is better then your backend cms app
  • You can email a photo which then posts to flickr (cameraphone!)
  • They resize your photo and crop it into six possible sizes
  • It saves your original upload file for hi-res
  • Their pro account gives you 2GB of upload per month
  • The list never ends

What makes oberkampf hot
  • Custom photo galleries on your website
  • You can build many things with it.
  • Flickr makes it easy to upload your photos, so you can update your website more.
  • Band's will be happy when their gallery looks how they want and it's easy to update.
  • You *could* use it to create xml files which load into flash.
    Thus bypassing the need for a crossdomain file from flickr